Ben Avery Shooting Facility: Camping and Corporate Events

Founded in 1957, the Ben Avery Shooting Facility (BASF), formerly the Black Canyon Shooting Range, is one of the largest publicly operated shooting facilities in the country.
Our world-class shooting range is a City of Phoenix Point of Pride. It has received a Five Star rating from the National Association of Shooting Ranges. This means that it is the best of the best at providing a quality recreation experience and is the first government facility to receive this designation.


Ben Avery offers on-site camping for shooters attending events and matches.

One camping unit and up to two vehicles are permitted per camp site. Maximum of six people per site including daily guests. See the camping page for details on locations. Rifle & Pistol Range camping, Clay Target Center camping

corporate events

Ben Avery Clay Target Center is the ideal venue for a unique corporate event or banquet. Arrange for your group to shoot skeet, trap, or sporting clays. Rental equipment, ammunition, and ear/eye protection can be provided. The OneAZ Pavilion banquet hall seats 350 people.

Contact the Ben Avery Clay Target Center, 623 236-7007 or to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ranges

Find the information you need before shooting at the range.

BASF shooting range information

Q: How does the public range work?
A: We currently have 67 shooting tables available with two shooting positions at each table. Every 15 minutes, a cease-fire will be called, firearms will be cleared by range staff and shooters then have the opportunity to walk downrange to set up, change, or remove targets. Once everyone is back from downrange a live fire period will begin again.

Q: What is the price?
A: Visit our prices webpage for current information. They are subject to change with our Covid-19 operations.

Q: Do you close the Main Range during large events?
A: No, all other events are scheduled on other ranges. Main Range is a public range, therefore it doesn’t close during events. Normal operating hours remain unchanged throughout all events.

Q: It is my first time visiting the range. Is there anything I should do before I come?
A: We are currently on a reservation system, so please schedule a shoot time before coming out to the range. Have everyone in your party watch our seven minute safety video including reading the range specific rules.

Q: Are eye and ear protection required?

A: Yes. Plugs are sufficient protection for ears. Eye protection must be worn by shooters and spectators while on the main range. Sunglasses and prescription eyewear are acceptable substitutes.

Q: What are the available distances on the public range?
A: Each table on the main range has a target base at 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, and 100 yards. Some of these tables have a 200 yard shooting position.

Q: Can I bring food or drink to the range?
A: We do not allow food inside the Main Range. Resealable drinks are permitted. Picnic tables are available for public use outside the firing line.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Ben Avery Shooting Facility is located on the northwest corner of the 1-17 and Carefree Highway, SR-74.

Q: Do you close during inclement weather?
A: We are subject to inclement weather. In cases of high wind, close lightning strikes, or any other weather condition that range personnel deem to be unsafe the range will be closed until the weather improves. We do not give rain checks or refunds.

Q: Do you rent firearms or sell ammunition?
A: We do not rent firearms or sell ammunition. Make sure you bring correct ammunition for your firearms.

Q: How can I use the other ranges?
A: Public shooting is available at the Main Range. However, you may contact a club that utilizes the range you are interested in and inquire about shooting opportunities.

Q: Do you sell spent brass?
A: We do not sell spent brass, nor is any collection of brass permitted; however, you may pick up your own brass after it has been shot.

Q: What are your safety rules?
A: You may read our safety rules here.

Q: Where do I check in if I have a reservation?
A: If you have a reservation, you would check in at the range you made the reservation for. There are signs to lead the way. You do not need to check in at the Store and Operations Center unless you have not made a reservation.

Q: Do my firearms need to be in a case?
A: Ensure that all firearms are transported in cases. We require all firearms to be in a case or, in the case of pistols, we do allow holstered firearms on the range so long as they are worn on a belt on the shooter’s strong side. Hand carried holstered firearms are not permitted on the range nor are cross-draw, small-of-back, or shoulder holsters.

Q: Can I make reservations?
A: Yes. We are currently using an online reservation system. If you do not have a reservation you may pay a walk in fee though we can not ensure there will be shooting slots available for you.

Q: I am bringing a large group of friends. Can I use several tables?
A: We do our best to accommodate large groups. We currently only allow 4 people per table. You would have to make a reservation accommodating your group size.

Q: I just bought a new gun but have never shot before. Can someone there teach me?
A: While range personnel may offer shooting advice if solicited, we do not have instructors on site and cannot perform this service. A variety of private instructors hold classes at our range.

Q: Do you offer any equipment rentals?
A: We currently have spotting scopes and lead sleds available for rent.

Q: Something is wrong with my gun and it won’t shoot. Can someone there fix it for me?
A: We do not offer gunsmithing services. Most local gun shops can help you out. If your gun is unsafe you must case it up.

Q: Can you sight in my hunting rifle?
A: Sight-in services are contingent upon staff availability. Call 623 582-8313 in the morning to confirm availability of staff for a sight-in.

Q: I have some old ammunition that I don’t plan on using. Can I take it to the range for disposal?
A: We do not offer disposal of old or “bad” ammunition at this time.

Q: Where do I check in for Archery?
A: The Clay Target Center manages the archery ranges so you would check in at the One AZ Pavilion at the Clay Target Center. For inquiries about the archery range call 623 484-8119.

Want to Shoot at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility?

Shoot at the rifle and pistol range, or shoot at the clay target facility, or spend some time at our archery range.

make a reservation for a shoot time

Online reservations are highly recommended.

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take a class at basf

Introductory firearms classes, introductory archery clinics, and range safety volunteer courses.

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